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Nothing is more satisfying than having a good roof over your head. An essential part of building a house is deciding on the kind of roof to use. If you get the roofing wrong, you have the whole house wrong. No one wants to be disappointed with their home. They have spent a good amount of money building. Wise people who live in windy areas go for the best roofing to avoid being a victim of windstorms. If you live in a windy area, you sure want to use the best shingle for your roof. Roofers in Tucson do not just roof your house. They make it the best fit for your house. Every house owner wants the best shingles for their homes. There are several kinds of shingles, but not all of them can withstand strong wind. We will tell you about the best shingles for windy areas.

What is a Shingle?

Picture of Best roof shingles Shingle is a material used to cover roofs. They are fixed on the roof in lines from the bottom to the top. When applying the shingles to the roof, the next sheet overlaps the previous one. The whole roof is fixed in this overlapping method. Shingles are used in the roof for houses located anywhere and everywhere. But for windy areas, there is a unique choice.

What is the Best Roof Shingles for Windy Areas?

Making your roof impenetrable is an essential part of a stable house. Having a weather-resistant roof is insurance for your house. Before discussing what the best roof shingle for your home is, you should know the various kinds of shingles. Roofing shingles come in different materials. There are metal shingles that are reputable for durability and being fit for fire-exposed areas. Wood shingles have been in existence for ages. Wood shingles are not safe in fire-prone regions if they are untreated. Plastic shingles are usually lightweight and pocket-friendly. They have a reputation for longevity but cannot withstand fire. Stone shingles can last for over 100 years and up to 400 years if it is original. It is also referred to as slate shingles. These shingles are durable but can be a problem if they are too heavy for the roof. Stone shingles can be attached to the roof or laid on it and held down by gravity. There are flagstone and sandstone shingles. Cedar shingles are also fine for roofs, and they do not rot. With time, these shingles usually fade from their original wood color. The most popular shingle used for windy areas is Asphalt shingles. Asphalt shingles are reliable when it comes to protecting your roof against a windstorm. The fiberglass-based asphalt shingles can withstand high winds. These products do not easily lose their hold or come apart when fixed. Installing asphalt shingles is relatively easy and time-effective. If an expert fixes them appropriately, they can stay for a very long time. One problem with roofs in windy areas is poor craftsmanship, not the quality of the products used. There are numerous professional roofers in Tucson that can fix your shingles, rather than listing the services of unprofessional roofers. Fiberglass shingles can last for up to 60 years because they are protected with coats of petroleum hydrocarbons. These shingles can be recycled if one chooses. Asphalt shingles appeal to several aesthetic tastes because they come in diverse colors and designs. Apart from insuring your house against the wind, asphalt shingles are a great choice because they are cheap. Asphalt shingles are particularly less expensive because they are produced and sold in large quantities.

What other things Should you Know about Roof Shingles

Picture of what are roof shingles Getting the right shingle for your roof requires a lot of thought. A shingle that can withstand high wind is of paramount importance. However, you also have to consider other aspects that will cumulatively ensure a roof that can withstand any windstorm.
  • Quality Fasteners

If you have the right shingle but use the wrong fastener, your roof is still at the mercy of the strong wind. Instead of using staples, use nails. They are more durable and trustworthy. Experts recommend that you use six nails per shingle as opposed to four nails.
  • Proper Underlayment

The lintel and decking in your house will be good for the safety of your roof. The roof has to sit on a strong foundation. The wood used should be strong. Use quality nails. The ring-shanked ones are preferable. Note that a weather-resistant roof is one with very good sheathing. The sheathing is the outer layer of the roof. If it is appropriately attached to the rafters, the wind cannot damage the roof. Strong wind can lift the sheathing off the roof. The fastening should be effective to avoid this disaster. If the sheathing is strong, you can choose a durable shingle for the roof.
  • Safety Measures

An important safety measure is reducing the number of overhangs. Too much elaborate overhangs are dangerous to the house.


Every house owner wants the best roof for their houses. But, where your home is located determines the kind of roof to use. Pay attention to the type of shingle you use for your roof, also mind the installation. Poor craftsmanship can ruin your roof even if the materials are strong. Therefore, if you are in Tucson, enlist the expert services in installing your roof shingles, and you will be happy!